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July 12, 2019

The first time a newpaper wrote about my cooking

It was Sunday, 3 Feb 1985.  I, a home-chef with no prior professional cooking background, had opened my Pasta Nostra barely two months before in December.  The last thing I expected was to have my fledgling operation reviewed in a newspaper, any newspaper, to say nothing of the New York Times.  

My place served only lunch, yet the review was so positive that it created a tidal wave. When we opened on Monday, people were lined up in the cold February street waiting.  Every chair and table taken, the overflow lined up inside, waiting their turn. Lunch didn't stop until long after closing time; what they didn't eat at the tables they took home. There was nothing left. It was like a decent of the locusts. We couldn't even open the next day. 

When, on Wednesday, we had restocked and were ready to open, the same line awaited us. This went on for months. It was magic and madness and was an extraordinary event in my life and those with me. 

If you would like to see what the Times wrote that made hundreds of people go mad with food passion I have reproduced the article here. 

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